Turkey Scholarships | Without IELTS | Study in Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest growing economy in the world with thousands of Turkish Scholarships available for International Students to study in Bachelors, Masters & PhD Programs.

Many universities does not need any IELTS/TOEFL tests for admissions. Yes, you heard it right. We have mentioned some Turkey Universities, they offer scholarships without IELTS.

Universities List:

  1. Atılım University
  2. Başkent University
  3. Beykent University
  4. Bahçeşehir University
  5. Çankaya University
  6. Fatih Sultan Mehmet University
  7. İstanbul Medipol University
  8. İstanbul Zaim University
  9. Istanbul Aydın University
  10. Ufuk University

In university letter, they clearly mentioned applicant has studied all courses in English. And, you can easily submit the letter instead of IELTS at the time of admission.

Other Scholarships in Turkey

  • Success Scholarship Program.
  • Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Scheme.
  • Turkey Research Scholarship Program.
  • ITU AI DeepMind Scholarship in Turkey.
  • Academicians and Public Officials Turkish Language Programme.
  • OSTiM Technical University Undergraduate international awards in Turkey.
  • Undergraduate Partial international awards at Cyprus West University in Turkey.

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